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He is later revealed to be Professor Calamitous in disguise.

Jimmy's life has especially sucked since he felt the tinglies in his nuts all the time. Emer kenny naked. In search of money, Jimmy headed to the worst loan shark of them all, the Pope. In the movie and Season 1, Libby's hair is up in a bun, with a large bang covering her eye. He later makes prank calls all over the Earth after hijacking the communication satellite.

It is said that he is Scottish and once met Jimmy's father, whom he almost went into business with. Jimmy neutrons mom naked. One of these days he would remove her brain in her sleep and rewire it to better suit his interests. Embed this video to your site with this code: She has a secret crush on Jimmy, the show gives little hints of it throughout the seasons, but doesn't actually show it until Season 3.

Her childhood dream was to become the person who 'puts those little plastic things on the ends of shoelaces'.

Is she seeing anyone?. Emergency Surgery Surgencery 6. He is also a at a constant upset by all the embarrassing pictures of him when he is showing Jimmy his mission. Helen flanagan tits. She originally was supposed to be a really famous person, but confess to only being a nerd.

Sheen, enraged, usually shouts that they are action figures. She is really Professor Calamitous in disguise. Sheen's mother was mentioned but has never appeared in the series before. V Vendanna — a robot and the lovely assistant of Meldar on Intergalactic Showdown. In "Lights, Camera, Danger", a lot of people misunderstood Jimmy after Quentin Smithee said that the movie was going to be shot in Retroville.

He shows fierce anger when one of his shows are ruined. Hugh looked up from his duck hunting magazine and growled up the stairs, "Son, you have til the count of four to come down here and eat this toast! Cindy Vortex Jimmy's sassy, 11 year old independent, intellectual rival. A revised version of the movie also aired featuring in-universe commentary from the characters of Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl.

Humphrey, Cindy Vortex's dog seen in many episodes usually accompanying her. While desperately struggling to put the child through elementary school, Jimmy began working his first steady job in decades as an accountant at a local FedEx. Like Jimmy's other cousins and aunts, he hates Jimmy for nearly destroying the town, most noticeably when he said: Voiced by Candi Milo.

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In many episodes, characters often take off or land in a hoverdrone somewhere on the U. It poured down his mutant head and soaked his outfit. Surprise lesbian seduction. Jimmy also used his hypno-ray to be able to convince the Nickelodeon staff to go along with his plan.

But the bird shit stains sure are. He would be attracted to the first girl he saw which in this case was Cindy. Rayburn also appears in "Win Lose And Kaboom! No longer Goobot's assistant because in the League of Villains, Goobot said he was traded for sulfur butter. Jimmy neutrons mom naked. The original Jimmy went to that Earth and had to reverse the effects. But in the TV show her hair is styled into a ponytail with a green halter top, khaki pants, and pink converse shoes.

Before Carl could respond, the bus pulled up, and the boys entered. Sheen Estevez Voiced by: Shmengo left Earth with his parent, presumably his motherimmediately after being born, and went back to his home planet, where he was later visited by Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen for his birthday celebration.

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Billy West; appears in episode When Pants Attack, and appeared as the bus driver in the film. Nice tits pussy. When they discovered his penis, they renamed him to James. She is nice to him, and can make him do things he normally wouldn't do unintentionally of course.

I'd start with your room. Elke Elkberg, Carl's gorgeous pen pal from Sweden. He is voiced by Christian Slater. Appears in the episode Attack of the Twonkies Cap'n Betty, an odd sailor who knows about a monster that Jimmy is trying to reveal to be false. Responds when Carl says "Wuggle Wuggle Wuggle". Betty Quinlan, Was Jimmy's first crush.

Delivering more punches to young Jimmy, he knocked over various electrical appliances and toys. All are voiced by Jeffrey Garcia. Games Movies TV Wikis. Shania twain naked pics. Spamdini lives in an alternate dimension, and although he could have gone back with Jimmy and his friends, he decides to stay where he is.

Ike has a father who owns a bank and a 5 star restaurant, making him very rich. Betty is voiced by Kath Soucie. Every time Jimmy closed his eyes, he pictured Cindy's wet, nude body, and before he could attempt to free himself from the horrific abuse he came on himself, knowing there was no way he could finish spying on Cindy this morning.

Sheezicks, Mark DeCarlo; appears in episode Maximum Hugh Shmengo, an alien that resembles an enlarged jellyfish and has the ability to discharge electrical pulses on whomever it touches.

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However, Jimmy and his friends blinded him while trying to escape. In kindergarten, Jimmy got his so-called "hair", which was actually someone's shit when he crawled into the toilets to try to look at Carl Wheezer's penis. Jimmy neutrons mom naked. Dallas female escorts. As the years went by, Jimmy and his omnisexual child grew up with a deep dislike for one another.

The guys are caught by Buford, however thanks to Sheen's hyperactive behavior, the Warden confesses by saying: Twonkie, a species of small puff ball-like aliens. Ethnic lesbian sex Snappy, Carl's mutated turtle appears in episode Monster Hunt Special Girl, Cindy's super hero form, strength, flying, and super vision.

This boy is named Sheen. They are similar to Gremlins in that they turn into monsters every time they hear music. Although he died happily, Jimmy's soul was sent to Hell, where he and Satan reconciled and made the most hideous love imaginable atop the bodies of Sheen, Carl, Libby, Cindy, and Judie Neutron. Appears only in the episode "Clash of the Cousins". A parody of various Bond girls. Two 3d buxoms get banged by tentacled He is voiced by S.

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